2014 FIBA World Cup


World Cup Preview: Spain

Aug 28, 2014

Spain is once again more talented, and deeper, than anyone outside of the United States. They should be a lock to make the Championship game.


World Cup Preview: Argentina

Aug 27, 2014
Torkil Bang

Argentina is without Manu Ginobili, as their ageing roster takes one last crack at a medal.

Eastern Conference


Kevin Love, Alpha Wolf: Difficulties of Unique Building Blocks

Kevin Love is the second largest acquisition of the summer, but the All-Star is more of a weapon, than a foundation.


This & That – The Bet, Part 1

Alex and Morten discuss the Pistons, the Timberwolves, and they make an unnecessary bet.


Boston Celtics sign Rodney McGruder and Christian Watford

The Boston Celtics today signed Rodney McGruder and Christian Watford to one year contracts. The levels of guarantee are not yet known, but are expected


Philadelphia’s Emphasis on Length Will Pay Defensive Dividends

The Philadelphia 76ers acquired themselves serious length this off-season, projecting them to improve their defense dramatically.

Western Conference


Ryan Kelly, Jordan Clarkson and the Lakers

The Lakers are hoping a pair of youngsters, in the form of Ryan Kelly and Jordan Clarkson, will benefit the team long-term.


We Still Don’t Know Who a “Spurs Guy” Is

Do we really know what skill-sets the San Antonio Spurs are after?


San Antonio Spurs sign Josh Davis

The San Antonio Spurs have signed Josh Davis, last of San Diego State, to a multi-year contract. The amount of guaranteed money is not yet


The Uncertain Supporting Cast Of Anthony Davis

The New Orleans Pelicans have a superstar in Anthony Davis leading their future, but as of right now, his supporting cast is all but certain.

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