This is a Public Service Announcement Sponsored by:

Samuel Yuen
Founder & Mayor of Hoop City


Shaun Schwartz
Co-Founder & Vice Mayor of Hoop City


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Dear Hoop Fans:

On Behalf of City Council – The Official City of Hoop-Fans is presently undergoing a major development update.

Curious to know what’s going on behind the scenes? Don’t be silly man, I’d be more than happy to bring you up to speed and to see what’s in store.

 1. Our Michelin 3-star chefs are working long hours to prepare the perfect meal for our cities Official New Year Fan Fair launch party [NEW 2014-15 NBA SEASON]

 2. Our city’s urban planning department has been putting in overtime to finalize the design for our new and improved city blueprint.

 3. Investment bankers, stock brokers, venture capitalists, fund managers and financiers within the hoop fans financial district are working closely, day and night with entrepreneurs to create more capital and flexibility with the goal to promote more innovation, and start-up opportunities.

4. Entrepreneurs, visionaries, and business owners are updating their business plans as we speak in order to seek capital investments, to ultimately create more job opportunities for our hoop-fan residents.  If you are interested in applying for a position at – Please send an email to:

We are striving hard to complete all development before the New Year Fan Fair (start of NBA 2014-15 season)

Please check back for updates. Thank you for your continued support, loyalty, and patience. We look forward to delivering you a finely polished and completely finished product!

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